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CRD works with many different partners to improve the community in various key areas of Rwanda. Read about our efforts below.

Education Development

We engage in a number of activities promoting development through education:

- Protect children through child sponsorship

- Promote formal and informal education and vocational schools

- Promote the integration and reintegration of vulnerable children into local schools

- Improve education by providing schools with supplementary courses and teachers' capacity building specifically for vulnerable children

- Facilitate internships

Economic Development

Ways that we promote development in the economic sense in Butare:

- Provide capacity building through trainings that expand on how to initiate and work in a cooperative framework to the local community 

- Provide entrepreneurship training to youth

- Strengthen financial and technically local community-based cooperatives

- Promote sustainable agriculture through cooperatives

- Promote value chain development based on beneficiaries' activities

- Promote environmental protection

- Promote micro-businesses to women heads of families

- Promote management regarding available resources for beneficiaries

- Promote ICT to the local community, especially women

- Promote monitoring and evaluation

Social and Healthcare

Our initiatives for social well-being and health include:

- Conduct active listening and counseling

- Fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases

- Promote social and family reintegration of street children

- Fight against malnutrition in local community

- Conduct campaigns intended to raise awareness of women on reproductive health and family planning

- Conduct campaigns intended to raise awareness for rights of children

- Men engage training in family's management

Research and Development

We add value to the community and our projects through our R&D methods:

- Conduct research based on new projects and their development

- Research new sustainable development programs that meet the needs of the community

- Promote data collection and analysis on community development

- Research management of local resources

- Research environmental conservation and development

Income Generating Activities

In order to function practically, CRD needs financial means to achieve its mission and objectives. We will have another permanent income rather than projects cycle. These may include: infrastructures, such as a center or multipurpose hall for beneficiaries and for other people who can rent the facility one or two days per week; schools where some beneficiaries can study with support from CRD, as well as others who come from outside of CRD, who can rent an area and the proceeds will go towards pay for teachers. 


In the case that CRD will get an opportunity, it will start a Health post for supporting Health services for beneficiaries. CRD will do also some specific profit projects that aim to develop beneficiaries like farming projects.  To do so, CRD is planning to organize fundraising together with different partners and volunteers. CRD will mobilize Individuals, groups of people, partners, and draft different projects in order to contribute on these activities.


Various Reports are posted about the progress of CRD. You can find those reports here.

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