Many projects have already been implemented and successful through CRD's work. Take a look below.

Children in Education

In order to achieve its mission, CRD has integrated and reintegrated vulnerable children in schools where some of them are in nursery, primary, secondary and vocation.

In order to reinforce education of vulnerable children, the Linking Lives Study Abroad program sends university students each Year to strengthen education of children supported.

Children Supported through Sponsorship

In the families where children are sponsored, parents have supported small projects such as: sewing projects, pig breeding projects, and goats breeding, and more.

Reducing Unemployment: 

coaching youth in small and medium businesses in schools

In Rwanda each year, many Rwandans finish secondary schools. Some of them continue university program but more than 60% stay in their communities. The unemployment rate in Rwanda is more than 16%. In order to keep our mission of promoting vulnerable children, CRD has started the project of coaching these youth who are unemployed, allowing them to get practical experience regarding business plan, business implementation and reporting since 2016 to now. This project is implemented in fifteen schools that our children beneficiaries attend. They are located in Huye and Gisagara districts where each school business has been provided professional materials to guide them.


Participating schools:

- Matyazo Primary School

- Rukara Primary School

- Runga Primary School

- Rukira Secondary School (G.S. Rukira)

- Kabuye Secondary School (G.S. Kabuye)

- Simbi Secondary School (G.S. Simbi)

- Mubumbano Secondary School (G.S. Mubumbano)

- St J.Bosco Simbi Secondary School

- Butare Secondary School (E.S.Butare)

- Tumba Regina Pacis Secondary School

- Mutunda Secondary School

- Gikore Secondary School (G.S Gikore)

- Kigembe Secondary School

- Nyange Primary School

- Mpungwe Secondary School.

To encourage them, each school has started at least school business that involves students and leader teacher where they are in schools so that when students finished secondary school, each of them may be capable to start own profitable small business in the community with small capital.


Providing School Materials in Education

CRD provides different school materials such as books and school materials to local schools and students in order to help strengthen students education.


Vulnerable Women supported in pig project

As CRD supports capacity building of vulnerable women in socio-economic groups, CRD has supported pig project of women group at Mbazi sector where they have a farm with pigs aim to give them money of food, school materials of their children in education, and health insurance.